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Electric Wine Pourer

Electric Wine Pourer

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    INSTANT DRINKING, NO NEED TO WAIT --- This electric wine aerator pourer decants the wine by increasing the high-pressure oxygen, red light and magnetic. Pouring and aerating the wine will be done at the same time.

    SIMPLE TO USE--- Just connect the tube with the automatic wine aerator, then insert the tube into the wine bottle. With a simple press of the button, perfectly aerated wine will be delivered straight to your glass. It softens tannins and enriches your wine for luxurious taste.

    NO LEAKS, NO DRIPPING--- No need to worry about wine will stain on your countertop. Our electric wine dispenser fits snugly into standard wine bottles and guides the wine into your glass accurately. The flexible long tube will reach the bottom of bottle, will not waste a drop of wine.

    Height: 16.5cm

    Width: 11.5cm

    Diameter: 6cm

    Tube Size: 27.5cm

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